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Salento Body and Soul

Salento Body and Soul

by Raffaele Risolo – B&B “Giada” Christmas has passed, leaving the way to a new year, and some of us have received a lot of gifts, but also some kilos more left over after holiday lunches and dinners. So now we need to lose in some way those extra kilos to return back in shape; but what is that way to do it? To tell the truth there isn’t the only one method: what that we really need is just a bit of time and determination to reach our goals! Whether you live or are you on vacation in Salento, a lot of sunny days are the wonderful opportunity to improve your shape practicing walking or cycling in the countryside. The olive trees bring you to the seaside, which is a very emotional trip through the lands of rocks and flower; in this way you take care both of your body and mind. On Saturday a lot of people run or ride their bikes along the “Litoranea” that leads its way from Gallipoli to Santa Maria di Leuca and Otranto until Lecce. But if the weather doesn’t give us the chance, how can we practice sport alternatively? One can go swimming in the pool, but it is rather expensive, so the most prefer local gyms. Vignacastrisi is a small village, but it has a very well equipped gym named ‘M.A.D. Sport’ of Angelo and Fabio Scotellaro. It was opened on 3 October 1989 and serves not only as a place of specific physical activity but desires to be “a real spiritual Temple, dedicated to the care of the body through a multitude of sports activities,” as stated on their website Rediscover your spirituality through the practice of martial arts in order to re-establish your inner balance that the frenzy of modern life alters is one of the objectives that the gym’s staff seeks for its customers. Along with karate there are a lot of modern sports like jabbing, spin bike, dance, pilates, aerobics, step, bodybuilding. M.A.D. Sport guides its frequenteers to achieve their sporting and aesthetic goals with competence  and cordiality. Though, even in winter Salento and Vignacastrisi offer the opportunity of a stay that through the nature and sport aims to establish or confirm our wellbeing. Body and Soul.

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Screenshot_2013-01-23-21-50-35-1M.A.D. Sport Gym Inside

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