Il Borgo di Vignacastrisi

About us

Vignacastrisi Tourist Operators

The association was founded in december 2009 by thirteen small non-hotel structures that are born in the last ten years in our village.

The association was created by the following structures:

  • Agritourism “L’Aia”
  • Agritourism “Le More”
  • Agritourism “Montenachiro”
  • Agritourism “Vignavecchia”
  • Agritourist farm “La Torre”
  • B&B “Borgo Cutizzi”
  • B&B “Eco di mare”
  • B&B “Le Chianche”
  • B&B “Le Rose”
  • B&B “Il Corallo”
  • B&B “Il Melograno”
  • Charme residence  “Palazzo Guglielmo”

Every hospitality or commercial structure of Vignacastrisi can apply to the association by writing an e-mail to:

The aim of the association is to promote Vignacastrisi by underlining its tourist importance.

The village in fact has a special structure that can easily give birth to a widely distributed hotel. The other interesting aspect is the location at only three kilometres from the wonderful sea of Castro Marina.

The association can be considered as an intranet of the operators and can be presented as a widely distributed hotel. Within a few metres it is possible to find hospitality structures, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, tobacco’s, hairdressers, grocery’s stores, etc.

Thanks to these characteristics it is therefore possible to propose a kind of holiday in Salento even during other periods than the summer ones.

We know that our culture and our history are as interesting as our sea and we would like to introduce the tourist to our village, our traditions, our cooking, our country-roads with the olive trees and many other aspects.

We strongly believe that Vignacastrisi is worth being known and lived by an increasing number of people.

Our committment is therefore to advertise Vignacastrisi and to help anyone that will come here.

The association is located in Vignacastrisi, Piazza Umberto I nr. 8 at Palazzo Guglielmo.

For information:

e-mail :